As part of Autism Network Scotland’s Employment Network‘s recent project, we have filmed some short videos showing the positive attributes autistic people can bring to the workplace when they find the right role for them.

In the below videos you will see case studies from three organisations who have employed autistic people. In each you will hear from the employee about why their role suits them, and from their employer about what makes them good at their job.

Cafe on the Corner

In this video we hear Fiona Robertson from the Cafe on the Corner talking about her job and what she enjoys about it. Her manager Maxine Cramb also tells us what makes Fiona a good employee.

You can read a transcript of this video by clicking here.


In this video we meet Peter McMenimee and David Connolly to hear about their roles at Tesco and why their jobs suit them so well. We also speak to Amanda Rankin, their manager, about what it is like working with Peter and David and the positive attributes that they bring to the workplace.

You can read a transcript of the video by clicking here.


In this video Julie Langdale talks about her experiences of working for Specialisterne and what has made it a good place for her to work. Her manager, Steven Owens, tells us why Julie has been a good employee and about their positive working relationship.

You can read a transcript of this video by clicking here.

Edinburgh University Library

In this video we hear from Chas Spencer about his role at Edinburgh University Library, and why it has been a good place for him to work. Lisa McDonald, his manager, talks to us about why the job Chas does suits him and what makes him a good employee to work with.

You can read a transcript of this video by clicking here.