Applications and Interviews

Job applications and interviews are often different depending on the type of job you are applying for, but there are some key features that will usually be the same. The organisations listed below can explain what these key features are. There is also a lot of online advice about how to show all your skills and potential when filling out application forms and attending interviews.

There are some organisations that offer training and support to develop skills such as writing a good CV and how to fill out application forms. Some will also offer support with preparing for interviews, for example conducting mock interviews and going through some of the questions you might get asked.

Adaptations to the application and interview process
Adaptations made to some aspects of the employment process or workplace environment are known as ‘reasonable adjustments’. Under the Equality Act 2010, employers are required to make reasonable adjustments to remove barriers faced by any disabled person (autism and Asperger’s Syndrome are defined as disabilities under this Act). This can mean that adjustments can be made during the application and interview stages if necessary.

If you feel that there are adjustments that could be made to the process that are reasonable, then you can ask for these when you are applying for a job. For example, if you find it difficult to process information quickly, you can ask to be provided with the interview questions a short time in advance, so that you have time to process the questions. Another example would be that if you are very sensitive to sounds, you could ask that your interview takes place in a quiet room, without any distracting background noises.

It is against the law for an organisation to discriminate against you because you are on the autism spectrum – if you feel like this has happened you can find out more information about what you can do about it on the Equality and Human Rights Commission website here.

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  • Whether or not you wish to disclose that you are on the autism spectrum, and when you would like to do this


If you would like further information about any of the above, or would like to know more about what support is available to you, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

You can also visit our Useful Links and Documents page to find further information about autism and employment.