Supported Employment Services

In Scotland there are a wide range of services that provide support to autistic people to develop skills for work, find jobs and provide support in the workplace. There are also agencies that can provide autism awareness training for employers and colleagues.

Supported employment services are often provided by Local Authorities.

It is useful to know what services there are in your area, as they can provide direct advice and support to you and any autistic employees you have in your organisation. Below you can find some links to services that operate nationally across Scotland. For more information on what is available in your local area please contact us.

To learn more about supported employment and related policy, structures and initiatives in Scotland you can read this report from 2013 which outlines these.

Examples of how Supported Employment Agencies can help

  • By providing support workers with training in autism to support employees
  • By providing autism awareness training to workplaces
  • By providing information and support to employers to help them understand how to support their autistic employees

Links to further information on Supported Employment Agencies

National services that provide employment-related support and advice:

In 2013, a ‘Summary Guide to Employment Policy, Structures and Initiatives in Scotland’ was produced to help explain the complex landscape in relation to supported employment in Scotland.

Further Information and Support

If you would like more information about any of the above, or would like to know more about what support is available to you and your employees, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

You can also visit our Useful Links and Documents page to find further information about autism and employment.

Autism and Employment Network

Autism Network Scotland facilitates the Autism and Employment Network which aims to provide a forum for sharing information and good practice, highlight common challenges and promote the benefits autistic people can bring to the workplace.

The Employment Network meets quarterly in Glasgow and is currently chaired by Richard Ibbotson (Director, Richmond Fellowship Scotland) and includes representatives from National Autistic Society, Scottish Autism, IntoWork,IWORK4ME, Speaking Literally, Values Into Action Scotland, Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Union of Supported Employment, College Development Network,Glasgow and Edinburgh One Stop Shops and others.

If an organisation wishes to be involved in the Employment Network please contact Annie Watson at Autism Network Scotland via our contact page.